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Top 10 Best Electric Breast Pumps to Buy in 2020

Looking to buy the best electric breast pumps? If you are a pregnant lady in 2020, “breast pumps” might be a term thrown around often. Over time, the necessities of pregnant women have changed, and in modern times, any kind of compromise is not an option for women. Today, the term “breastfeeding” is associated with manifold opinions, choices and debates. Regardless of it all, you have to choose what you feel is the best for your child and not to forsake, for yourself too.

Electric breast pumps are such a privilege for new mamas, who can now enjoy greater freedom during their postnatal period. In this article, we are going to explore many aspects related to electric breast pumps like their benefits, comparisons with old traditional breastfeeding methods, the myths and lots more. And in the end, we are going to review the best top 10 electric breast pumps, in much detail- just like how mamas like it!

Before directly jumping to the reviews, you might want to read this article to understand if electric breast pumps are your thing. Find out what works and what doesn’t in this article.

What Are Electric Breast Pumps?

This is for our newbies out there, who aren’t very much au fait with all the booming technology. You are no pariah, and this section will wholly enlighten you about electric breast pumps. Electric breast pumps are equipment meant to pump out milk from your breasts into a container without having to do any manual labour. They come with lots of different settings and modes so that pumping never gets uncomfortable. This method is gaining popularity nowadays because breastfeeding is not an option considered by all women. Now women can breastfeed as per their convenience without feeling discomfort. Electric breast pumps have a lot of variants like single and double pumps, and different sizes too. Lots of companies like Medela (since 1961) specialize in making breast pumps have been an active manufacturer of high-quality breast pumps.

Why Do You Need a Breast Pump?

Breast pumps, in general, are used by many ladies for various reasons. So let’s have a look at some of the common reasons regarding why breast pumps are a necessity:

  • Some women are simply not comfortable with breastfeeding.
  • Due to postnatal breast issues like engorged breasts, mastitis, or even nipple pain can cause several women to discontinue direct breastfeeding.
  • Sometimes the baby itself is too weak or sick to suckle out milk from the breasts.
  • Women who can produce large amounts of breast milk can offer supplies to babies who are not feeding on breast milk (due to any reason whatsoever).
  • Milk pumped out using a breast pump can be stored in a container like a bottle. This milk can be given to the baby when the mother is not around. Moreover, this milk can be refrigerated for up to 5 days. Hence if you are going to be away due to work for several days, this milk can be used without any concern.
  • You don’t have to leave ongoing chores to breastfeed your child. You can quietly pump out milk at night when the baby is asleep and not worry about breastfeeding when the baby wakes up crying.
  • In case you don’t produce an adequate amount of milk, using these you can feed your child with milk that has not necessarily come from your breasts. These pumps can hygienically pump out milk from anyone’s breasts which can be stored in bottles.
  • Some women are not comfortable with breastfeeding in public. Using these pumps, one can just bring along the bottle filled with breast milk and feed them whenever and wherever required.
  • It is a fast, efficient and harmless way of breastfeeding alternative.

What Benefits Do Electric Breast Pumps Serve?

Now that you know the many reasons to own a breast pump, electric breast pumps have added functionality which makes them ideal for use. Below enlisted are the many benefits of using electric breast pumps:

  • Electric breast pumps are known for providing a range of modes and various accessories to make pumping hassle-free and pain-free.
  • Electric breast pumps do not require you to do any manual work.
  • Fathers get a better chance to bond with the child.
  • They are lightweight and portable.
  • Electric breast pumps take less time to pump milk.
  • Although they run on batteries, they can last up to 2 hours, which is enough time to fill up at least four bottles.
  • Newer models of electric breast pumps are designed to pump as quietly as possible. This makes them convenient for use even at night.
  • Electric breast pumps are also available as double pump models. This makes the pumping process faster.
  • Newer electric breast pumps provide hospital-grade quality, which is supposedly the best technology right now.

Electric Breast Pump: The Winner?

Evidently, electric breast pumps are better than any other traditional breastfeeding alternative. All the benefits and utilities of electric breast pumps are found in no other breastfeeding equipment. Let’s take a look at the working of two other alternatives and why they cannot beat electric breast pumps.

1) Manual breast pumps

As the name suggests, they require manual labour to pump out milk from breasts. This technique is suitable only for mothers who occasionally prefer pumping out milk for their babies. Although manual breast pumps are much cheaper than electric breast pumps, this method is quite time-consuming. You might want to use a breast pump because you are drained. Even the initiation is a manual process. But your manual breast pump cannot pump out milk without exertion. Quite a drudgery isn’t it?

Hence manual breast pumps don’t work for everyone and are not very much in demand these days.

Hospital-grade breast pumps

These breast pumps deliver excellent performance- they are efficient, do not require manual effort, comfortable and time-saving. They can carry out other tasks other than pumping like massaging your breasts. Hospital-grade breast pumps come with a lot of features making the pumping process very convenient. But these can cost you up to a thousand dollars. Hence, they are preferred to be brought on rent. Therefore, again these are not ideal for regular users and might cost you a lot more than electric breast pumps.


1) You can get electrocuted while pumping using an electric breast pump.

Whoever might’ve given birth to this myth probably used a cheap quality electric breast pump. As mentioned earlier in the article, Medela is an R&D company that has been manufacturing breastfeeding products since 1961. If you are buying an electric breast pump, make sure you buy one from reputed companies. Otherwise, such instances are quite expected to happen. Top brands are trustworthy; hence their products are less likely to cause you harm.

2) Electric breast pumps are over-priced.

Electric breast pumps sure are expensive but can’t be called “over-priced”. As almost all the manufacturers provide a set of accessories which are essential for using electric breast pumps (adapter, for example), the price is expected to be on the higher side. Moreover, whether it is a breast pump or baby cradle, nowadays all baby care products are pretty much “expensive”. Even so, there are companies which make electric breast pumps which cost less than $50. So electric breast pumps are available for all budgets.

3) Electric breast pumps are noisy.

All kinds of pumps make at least some sort of noise, and electric breast pumps are no exception. These noises are too significant, though. Even so, there are electric breast pumps which are effortlessly quiet, and this feature is pretty common in the latest models.

4) Electric pumps run out of battery often.

Electric breast pumps can work effectively for as long as 2 hours which is enough time to fill up at least 4 to 6 bottles. So the battery life is not an issue if you leave the house with the battery fully charged.

5) Pumping causes your breasts to sag.

This myth is ridiculous, but a lot of mothers think pumping causes breasts to sag. What really causes breasts to sag is not wearing a comfortable, properly fitting bra. This is a common issue as breasts change in size during and after pregnancy, and some women continue wearing their old size. Breasts also tend to sag as a result of hormonal changes. Sometimes they are just sagging because you

6) Pumped milk is prone to microbial growth.

Pumped milk is only prone to microbial growth when the equipment and other parts are not cleaned properly. After storing the liquid in thoroughly cleaned bottles, refrigerate the bottles to prevent any microbial growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Best Electric Breast Pumps

1) Are electric breast pumps safe to use?

There are a lot of myths associated with the safety of electric breast pumps because of them being “electrical”. But these breast pumps can be compared to electrical hearing aids which also come in close body contact. They have been in use since the 19th century and are entirely harmless. There are rare cases of injury which are a result of mishandling the device. Other than that, electric breast pumps are absolutely safe to use.

2) Can I get electrocuted while using an electric breast pump?

Mishandling the equipment can cause such incidents to take place. But top electric breast pump manufacturers make the products easy to use, which reduces the chance of any kind of casualty. The products reviewed at the end of this article are branded and have never been reported for leaking electricity. So there is technically no chance of you getting electrocuted while pumping.

3) Are electric breast pumps expensive?

Not all of them are expensive. It just depends on your budget.

4) Are electric pumps better than manual ones?

Manual breast pumps are not meant for frequent users, while electric breast pumps can be used for exclusive pumping. You can read more about manual breast pumps in one of the sections in this article. But yes, they are probably not THE best alternative.

5) What is the minimum price range of electric pumps?

The cheapest electric breast pumps cost up to $30 only!

6) Do electric breast pumps help you to burn calories?

Losing excessive calories is not a great idea when you have just undergone delivery. Manual pumping can drain up to 500 calories a day which is not healthy because sometimes new mothers can experience a lack of appetite and cannot make up for the burnt calories. This can result in an unhealthy weight loss. Electric breast pumps do not require any manual labour and hence, do not burn as many calories which is quite healthy.

7) Does pumping damage breast tissues?

If you think pumping is supposed to be uncomfortable or painful, PLEASE stop thinking like that right away. Modern electric breast pumps come with loads of modes and settings just to ensure you don’t experience any sort of discomfort while pumping. You can set the device as per your convenience so that it doesn’t hurt you. Breast tissue damage is often a result of setting the pump to suck too hard. Do not do that as electric breast pumps are already designed to save your time.

8) Does pumped milk still contain all the nutrition?

Of course! Even after pumping, the milk retains all of its nutrients and antibodies. Just make sure all the parts and equipment are thoroughly cleaned so that germs don’t make an entry.

9) Does refrigerated milk lose antibodies?

Refrigerating the milk helps retain the antibodies. What you shouldn’t do is heat the milk as it will destroy the antibodies.

10) Are electric breast pumps available in different sizes?

Yes. Electric breast pumps are also available in different sizes. So don’t think your breasts are too small or too big to use breast pumps.

11) Are electric breast pumps available in different versions like single and double pumps?

Yes, electric breast pumps are available as simple pumps and double pumps.

Top 10 Electric Breast Pumps

Now, as promised, here are the detailed reviews of the top 10 electric breast pumps.

1) Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump with On The Go Tote

As mentioned earlier in the article, Medela is the most reliable brand when it comes to breastfeeding equipment as they have been manufacturing them since 1961. This specific model here is a double breast pump, so automatically you are saving time. And like always, this Medela pump is also BPA-free. The 2-phase expression technology is meant for mimicking the sucking of a baby. This electric breast pump comes with several accessories like:

  • A tote bag with a built-in pump which can be detached
  • Four 150 ml (5 Oz) bottles with lids
  • Contoured ice pack
  • A removable cooler bag
  • AC adaptor
  • Breast shields, connectors and tubing

The bag has ample space to store all of these accessories and has a bottle holder too.

Now talking about the electric breast pump, a unique feature in this model is the Maximum Comfort Vacuum. This ensures you don’t experience pain regardless of the number of times you pump in a single day. One thing to note is that it does not come with batteries, which is not an issue as they are very easily available in the stores. It is portable and weighs around 7 pounds. On Amazon, you get a massive discount which makes this set worth $169.95. Considering all the features and accessories provided, this kit is priced relevantly and falls in the mid-range category. So overall, this model will make a great choice.

2) Medela Swing Breastpump

Medela Swing Breastpump is an alternative for those who think the double electric pump is a little hefty. It is a single electric breast pump which is easy and comfortable to use. The motor control unit has only four buttons which make operating easy. The buttons are meant to control the vacuum and number of cycles per minute according to your comfort. This model also has the 2-phase expression technology. Although this is a single pump, Medela provides lots of accessories like:

  • One breast shield with tubing and connector
  • One 150 ml bottle with lid, cap, disk and a bottle stand
  • One mains adapter
  • Valve head and membrane with spare included
  • One belt clip

This kit is a good option if you’re not on a budget. This single electric pump is priced a little bit on the higher side, i.e. $129.96.

3) Spectra Baby USA – S2 Plus Premier Electric Breast Pump

This Spectra Baby electric breast pump has received so many positive reviews on Amazon, which makes it a customer favourite product. It has lots of attractive features like it’s extremely quiet pumping, lightweight, can be used as a single or double pump as per your choice, backflow protection, adjustable suction levels and many more. You can check more specifications and accessories by clicking on the link provided. This kit costs $159, which is a fantastic deal for so many features and accessories. This is a must buy.

4) Philips AVENT Single Electric Comfort Breast Pump SCF332/33

Philips made this model keeping in mind that pumping can be done even when you’re relaxed in your seat. It has a one-touch start button and three buttons to adjust the pumping speed. The breast shield has a massage cushion which is gentle on the breasts and feels natural. This model also comes along with many accessories, including bottle and nipple. All-in-all, this is an excellent option where comfort is not compromised. The price of this kit is $152, which is quite expensive but worth it.

5) Evenflo Single Breast Pump

Evenflo Single Breast Pump has a very handy design which is also very easy to use and clean. It has an on/off button and a speed controlling dial. It is pretty lightweight even though all the components are put together in one single unit. A flange and an AC adapter are the only accessories provided. The flanges are very comfy to wear, and the suction is also pretty well. Although this kit doesn’t come with a lot of accessories, what will surprise you is that it only costs $44.89! This is an excellent deal for buyers who are on a budget.

6) Ameda Purely Yours Double Electric Breast Pump

This Ameda electric breast pump is a cheaper alternative to the Medela Pump In Style model. This model also comes with a tote bag and all the same accessories as the Medela pump. What’s better is that it is lighter- only 5 pounds. Ameda Purely Yours kit will cost you about $150. So hurry up buy one before it gets sold out again!

7) Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Portable Breast Pump

Lansinoh is another company specialized in breastfeeding equipment. This model has three pumping styles and 8 suction levels, all effortless to operate. The ComfortFit flanges fit correctly on the breasts and super comfortable. This kit is lightweight and portable. This kit includes lots of accessories like a tote, bottles, nipples, etc. Lansinoh Signature Pro is another mid-range electric breast pump which will cost you around $110.

8) Bellababy Double Electric Breast Feeding Pumps

Bellababy levelled up and added 4 modes and 9 levels of suction to this model. The completely closed system prevents any sort of spillage. The comfortable breast shields make pumping pain-free and comfortable. With its long-lasting battery, this kit is ideal for outdoor usage. In the given link, you can check out all other accessories provided with the kit. The discounted price on Amazon is $59.69 only. With loads of positive reviews, this set doesn’t have cheap quality. Hence, another surprising deal on Amazon.

9) Elebebe Electric Double Breast Pump

Another quality product at a low price is this elebebe electric double breast pump which costs $47.99 only. This electric pump provides adjustable 4 modes and 8 suction levels and a closed system. It has a built-in rechargeable battery and is very light. Highly time-efficient, this device makes pumping pain-free and comfortable. Read more about the specifications and accessories on the page linked above.

10) Willow Wearable Double Hands-Free Electric Breast Pump with App

This product is the most expensive one in the entire list. If you are on a budget, buying a $500 breast pump is probably not the right choice. The best part about this model is that they are wearable; this makes them automatically portable. The kit comes with a good number of accessories. This pump is spill-proof, extremely quiet, comfortable, has 7 adjustable suction levels, and the battery can last all day. You can track all details related to your pumping using the Willow App.

Wrapup on best electric breast pumps

So this was our list of top 10 electric breast pumps, curated for all the new mothers so that shopping for baby supplies gets a little easier. If you have any doubts then kindly comment below. Our team will be happy to help you and solve all your queries.

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