How To Clean Breast Pump Tubing and Sterilize it

How To Clean Breast Pump Tubing and Sterilize it : Complete Guide

Do you want to rear up your baby with proper hygiene? The most important thing for a small baby is mother’s breast milk. Breast milk can give a child the proper nutrients and protect a child from diseases. It acts as a child’s immunity booster. The risk of any diseases, infections, and allergies is reduced by breastfeeding. If you feel a little problem while breastfeeding with your baby, you can choose a breast pump.

There are a lot of facilities for using a breast pump. It can provide your baby with an adequate supply of milk. It allows you to feed your baby even when you are away from home. Breast milk can be stored for using it later. You can use this tool without any hesitance. This tool will make your life smooth. Are you worried about your breast pump cleaning? You should not take any tension because breast pump cleaning is so easy if you know the proper method of cleaning it.

Benefits of using Breast Pump:

You can maintain your office time and time for your baby if you use a breast pump for feeding your baby. A breast pump allows busy mothers to take a break from their hectic work schedule. Besides, the baby can get mother’s milk even if she remains away from him or her. From saving time to making everything systematic, a breast pump can provide a good baby feeding experience.

Cleaning Breast Pump:

A mother must keep her child safe. Cleaning of a breast pump is crucial as it stores an infant’s milk. A baby’s health depends on proper hygiene. You should maintain the cleanliness of your breast pump so that your baby remains away from any harmful diseases and infections. You have to use extra protection for your baby if the baby is having some problems. Besides, if a family member remaining in the same house has been suffering from a disease, you have to wash it very cautiously before every use. You have to keep the breast pump parts in a safe and protected area even after washing.

How to Clean Breast Pump

The breast pump needs regular cleaning after every use. You have to thoroughly wash this tool with hot water for keeping your baby safe and secure. Following are the ways on how clean your breast pump:

  • After every use, you have to wash the tool with drinking water. Then, the whole equipment parts should be cleaned with warm water.
  • You might clean the breast pump again with drinking water. After that, you can use a little detergent to wash the smaller parts of the breast pump. The milk bottles, teats, and other parts should be kept facing downwards so that the water-drops falls down.
  • After all these cleanings, a breast pump should be wiped out with a dry cloth or towel. Then, you might keep the breast pump under the fan for making it air-dry. Besides, you can follow the guidelines written in the manual of the breast pump.

Sanitizing Breast Pump:

Like cleaning, sanitizing a breast pump is also much needed. Even if your breast pump is new, you have to wash and sanitize it for your baby’s welfare. The breast pump can seem to you clean and clear after washing but the tool should be put to sanitization to remove the germs and bacteria altogether. Sterilizing a breast pump is not so tough. You can do it at home following the steps below:

  • You can take some water in a pan and boil it. Then the pump parts can be put to boiling in that pan for 5 mins.
  • You can use the sterilizing microwave bag. Besides, steam sterilizer can be used. By using sterilizing fluid, you can sanitize your breast pump very easily and quickly. Likely, sanitizing spray can be used.
  • After the sanitization process, leave your breast pump to dry off. The pump parts should be removed from the pan, and you have to shed off the extra water from it. You can use a clean cloth to dry it properly.
  • All the parts of the breast pump should be stored in a sanitized container or well-protected place to avoid germs and bacteria. Besides storing the pump, breast milk should be collected appropriately. You have to remember that sanitizing is not always necessary, you can also visit a doctor for more guidance.

Need for cleaning and sterilizing breast pump:

You need to clean and wash your breast pump properly because you store your baby’s food in it.

  • A newborn has a weak immune system, and it is a mother’s duty to keep your child safe from germs and bacteria. Regular cleaning of the breast pump will protect your child.
  • To stop the germs and bacteria from growing, you need to clean and sanitize the breast pump properly.
  • Besides, mold can grow if it is not washed properly, which can be both disgusting and dangerous. It can give rise to allergies in your child’s skin.
  • Your baby needs much attention and extra protection if he or she is born prematurely. They might have a weak immune system. The breast pump should be free from any milk residues so that bacteria and germ can not multiply.

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Breastmilk provides the growth and development of your baby. If you use a breast pump for feeding your baby, you should be very careful about the cleaning process of the breast pump. Using a breast pump can make your life relaxing and comfortable. The breast pump should be cleaned in such a way that you can store your baby’s food without any anxiety and hesitation. Cleaning should be done before and after every use. Washing your hands before cleaning the breast pump kit is essential. You can complete the cleaning process on your own, or you can use various cleaning products to wash the breast pump properly. Besides, the steps mentioned above will help you to have a satisfactory breast pump cleaning experience.

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